Specs One is sending me Less Is More West Coast Tour comments and I told him I’d post them on my blog. Here’s the July 28th Blog. Check out what Specs One is saying today:

well Santa Fe was the best yet! met some cool people there! Copyright never showed. the promoter thought the crowd would be upset. but they didn’t even notice his absence. + no drink tickets! just beer for the artists! real shit! not this “two drink tickets, or one ticket until more of your friends come through” bull! Santa Fe heads loved it. and weren’t too cool to express it! the tour overall has been a beautiful experience. the vast and varied terrains has left me with an inner glow i didn’t quite have on the way down.
biggup to TULSI, and DJ ABLE of the Elefaders for making it happen! I’m back, NW! let’s do work!

Specs, I’m glad you’re back friend. This is our final entry for now. Congratulations for getting out there and mixing it up with the other cities! Let’s do this again soon!


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