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New Bipartisan Website

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There’s a new website for those who are looking for something outside the usual partisanship. It’s called Bipartisan Bridge and is striving to be a meeting place/advocacy group for those who what politicians to work towards solutions and stop the endless bickering. Here’s how site founder Brad Kane describes the effort:

The Bipartisan Bridge was created to provoke thoughts, inspire ideas, constructively contribute to the national discourse, and provide a meeting place for all who are dedicated to elevating bipartisanship, non-partisanship, and post-partisanship over the fractiousness of partisanship. As partisanship takes an ever-increasing toll on our governmental institutions, a redirection toward mutually-beneficial collaboration is necessary to stem the tide, before the situation declines beyond repair. While there certainly is a role for partisanship on election day and the month or two leading up to it, it must be contained, so as not to impair our government’s ability to function effectively. The competition of elections must be separated from the collaboration of governing.

I’m always in favor of cooperation over rancor – although vigorous, constructive debate and not blind compromise is, I think, the real goal. To that end, Bipartisan Bridge has posted 50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas which readers can read and presumably discuss on the site’s blog or perhaps on some upcoming community page. Beginning with concrete ideas rather than a general “stop the yelling!” message is a good sign for this new site – after all, being bipartisan and heard is not an easy mission.

Such bipartisan efforts have existed before, from the well-funded but ill-fated Unity08 to the long-running but usually dormant Centrist Coalition (which seems to be pretty much just the Centerfield blog now). Politics is about power and removing yourself from partisanship tends to remove you from power. It’s a bit of a Catch 22 for us independent types.

Nevertheless, I think a lot of people would agree with the Bipartisan Bridge’s message and I hope the site succeeds in bringing some attention to the idea that not every issue has to be a left vs. right power struggle. There are alternative ideas and alternative ways in which to discuss important matters. Check out the site and see what you think.