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Quinnipiac: Obama Leads By 2 In Florida


Obama – 46%
McCain – 44%

This is a statistically insignificant lead, so they’re basically tied. Last month, Obama lead by 4, 47% to 43%.

The shift appears to be happening among the independent crowd. Now they’re backing McCain by 5 points. Last month, Obama led among independents by 10. That’s quite a shift, and makes me wonder about Quinnipiac’s numbers a bit, but they’re usually a steady bunch so we’ll just have to wait until we see some other state polls to determine if this is the trend.

More details…

  • Florida women likely voters back Obama 47% to 42%.
  • Men go 47% for McCain and 45% for Obama.
  • White voters back McCain 53% to 39%.
  • Black voters back Obama 89% to 2%.
  • Obama leads 66% to 27% with voters 18 to 34 years old.
  • McCain gets 47% of voters 35 to 54, to Obama’s 45%.
  • McCain also leads 51% to 41% with voters over 55.

Also, Pollster has the race tied when it does a poll of the polls…

More next month…