I just did a few posts about the recent Quinnipiac polls for Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and that got me thinking about the overall electoral college outlook. After all, whoever gets to 270 first is what really matters.

So here’s what Pollster is showing…an easy Obama win…

Same story from Electoral-College.com

So the question now is how can McCain change these maps? What’s his game plan? Win Michigan and Pennsylvania? Take New Mexico back? And look at all of those states that are in play this time around that weren’t last time.

This is the problem with McCain’s campaign. He has yet to articulate a clear strategy to win in November. Meanwhile, Obama has a massive number of paid campaign field workers on the ground in each of the swing states and they’re going to fight for every single one of them. It’s 2004, only Bush didn’t have the type of social networking prowess that Obama’s team has.

In the end, the media may want to paint this race as close, but the exact opposite seems to be shaping up less than 100 days until we all go cast our ballots.

More as it develops…

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