Well, the 2008 version of the “Windsurfing” ad has finally emerged. I think many of us who have admired McCain in the past didn’t think he’d actually go here, and yet here we are.


I think the purpose is pretty clear: Obama thinks he’s God and you should hate him for it.

However, did you note the very last thing the announcer said?

“Barack Obama may be the one, but is he ready to lead?”

Isn’t that kind of confusing? As if the McCain camp should leave even a slight crack in the door that this guy could actually change things? Putting it in those terms makes it seem like they’re hedging their bets, which just comes off sounding almost as if even they have some small amount of hope that Obama could be the real deal.

All the McCain camp had to do is say, “Barack Obama thinks he’s the one, but is he ready to lead?” Big time opportunity missed there.

Understandably, the Obama camp responds by pushing his new energy tax/relief policy…

“It’s downright sad that on a day when we learned that 51,000 Americans lost their jobs, a candidate for the presidency is spending all of his time and the powerful platform he has on these sorts of juvenile antics,” said spokesman Hari Sevugan. “Senator McCain can keep telling everyone how ‘proud’ he is of these political stunts which even his Republican friends and advisors have called ‘childish’, but Barack Obama will continue talking about his plan to jumpstart our economy by giving working families $1,000 of immediate relief.”

Let’s face it, the McCain camp thinks the “messiah” meme is sticking to Obama, otherwise they never would have made this ad. And you know they’ll respond with the same old tired, transparent Republican response of, “Hey, don’t you have a sense of humor?” But can McCain honestly claim that he’s proud of stuff like this? And isn’t he worried that it will make him look petty and undercut his credibility as somebody who wants to move this country in a positive direction? Because even if this ad is supposed to be humorous, it’s certainly not positive.

More than anything I think this ad serves as a pretty clear signal that Republicans are extremely worried that Obama is walking away with this election. Otherwise, there’s no way McCain would be taking this route to the Presidency.

In any event, dangerous territory here John.

Libertarian Megan McArdle’s two cents…

I’m frankly disappointed in the negative campaigning from the McCain side. It’s nowhere near as bad as the ads that ran from both sides in 2004, but still . . . here in DC, McCain is now running anti-Obama ads with a voice over in the same tones that the ninth grade bully-princess used to inform everyone that her newest enemy had, like, totally slept with a tenth grader behind the bleachers. This does not make me more likely to vote for Senator from Arizona.

I’m not sure if it makes her more likely to vote for Obama either, but Megan represents a group of voters who have yet to be convinced by either side. This is the danger for McCain.

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