Rasmussen breaks down the demos

  • Among men, 34% are Democrats, 33% Republican, and 33% Independent.
  • 44% of women are Democrats, and just 30% claim the GOP. 26% are Independents.
  • 41% of government employees are Dems, 31% are Republicans and 28% are Independents.
  • Among entrepreneurs, 36% are Republican, 34% Democrat, and 30% are Independents.

Rasmussen also shares that people in the private sector who worked for somebody else (i.e. not entrepreneur) ID as 38% Dem, 31% Repub, and 30% Indy.

Of note, the amount of people who identified as Democrats has declined by a couple % points. It had been above 41% since January. This is most likely due to more people being interested in voting in the Dem primaries than the Republican. Still, with Dems leading Repubs by over 7% in party ID, it’s significant enough to be a “landslide” type of margin.

The biggest question now: will Obama be able to capitalize on this advantage?

More as it develops…

Politics Party ID: Dem 39.2%, Repub 31.6%, Indy 29.2%