Sure, his office put out a tepid endorsement about a month ago, but this latest non-answer of whether Obama is ready to be President is classic Clinton doublespeak.

From NY Daily News:

WASHINGTON – Bill Clinton regrets some things he said – and didn’t say – on the campaign trail. But there’s one thing he still can’t utter: Barack Obama is ready to be President.

“You can argue that nobody is ready to be President,” the former President told ABC News.

“You can argue that even if you’ve been vice president for eight years, that no one can be fully ready for the pressures of the office,” Clinton said Monday during a visit to Rwanda.

You can also argue that a former President who misspoke repeatedly during the primaries wasn’t ready to get back on the campaign trail and scuttled his wife’s chances in what should have been a cakewalk.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Clinton does himself no favors by acting like this, but it’s his legacy and I guess he can ruin it if he wants to.

Moving on…

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