The Republican Party in Texas is concerned it may lose control of the state House in this or the next election. Republicans currently occupy 79 seats and the Democrats 71. The House handles the redistricting for the state, including Congressional districts.  A political party’s electoral fortunes depend on how creatively a political party draws the political maps.

Republican Suzanna Hupp, a former state House member, called up Libertarians in three particularly close races and asked them to drop out. She felt that without the Libertarians, the Republican candidate would pick up the votes and win the election.

To no one’s surprise, except Hupp’s and whichever Republicans she conspired with, the Libertarians refused to drop from the race. It is surprising that she considers the Libertarian Party as a Republican lapdog to rollover as needed. Third party candidates rarely have expectations to win, but they do believe in elections as a forum. Hupp may do well to check out the differences in the two parties’ platforms next time.

One of the Libertarians said that while Hupp did not directly offer board seats on local commissions, it was left open as a possibility. Hupp denied anything of the sort.

Wes Benedict, head of the Libertarian Party for Texas, dismissed the Republican requests for Libertarians to drop out. “Republicans need to earn those votes,” Benedict said.

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Politics Republican Asks Texas Libertarian Candidates To Withdraw From Close Races