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Clinton Might Cause Trouble at Convention


For those who miss those halcyon days when Hillary Clinton was impeding Barack Obama’s journey to the White House – the drama may not be over yet. In a move that should surprise no one who’s followed the uninhibited ambition of the Clintons, Hillary Clinton has been caught telling a California reception that she thinks it could be good for the party if her delegates went ahead and nominated her at the upcoming convention.

That’s right. Clinton believes Democrats could benefit if her supporters made a symbolic show of support for her. She called it “catharsis.”Apparently, Clinton voters will happily flock to Obama just as soon as they’ve had the chance to voice how much they’d prefer if a different candidate received the nomination.

The Obama campaign has, as you would expect, released statements saying the Clintons fully support Obama and there’s no ill will between them.

Clinton does not have the delegates to win the nomination – barring a shocking turn of events. But she does have the delegates to make the convention more interesting than expected. We’ll see what happens.