So I made my way over to McCain’s new “Spam For Prizes” site, and they actually have lists of suggested blogs to target. Thankfully, Donklephant didn’t make the cut.

The most surprising part about this blog strategy? Combined, they list 23 blogs in the moderate, liberal and other categories, but over 70 in the conservative category.


That begs the obvious question…”Why does McCain want his supporters to spam conservative blogs?” And especially with inane talking points like…

“John McCain has a comprehensive economic plan that will create millions of good American jobs, ensure our nation’s energy security, get the government’s budget and spending practices in order, and bring relief to American consumers.”

If you’re a conservative blogger, doesn’t this strategy offend your social media sensibilities? Not only that, something tells me that the writers and readers of most of these blogs are already vigorously supporting McCain. I mean, we’re talking about Malkin, Powerline, Red State, Hot Air, Little Green Footballs, Hugh Hewiit, Town Hall, Ace of Spades…these are THE conservative blogs, and McCain thinks they need to be seeded with propaganda? (Sidenote: I wonder if the editor of Elephants in the Bluegrass minds that the McCain camp spelled their blog’s name wrong.)

Then there’s the “moderate” blogs which inexplicably includes The Fix by Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza (huh?) and one called Enlighten New Jersey…which hasn’t posted anything since April 15th.

Also, maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t realize that Pajamas Media (listed as “Other) and Politico (listed as “Moderate) were blogs. One’s a network site that aggregates content from its affiliates and the other is a new media site focusing on original reporting. Sure, there are blogs within each site, but the links provided by McCain are to the main sites.

Folks, if this is how utterly clueless McCain’s camp is when it comes to social media strategy, it sends chills down my spine to think that they could be in charge of policy when it comes to our technology infrastructure, net neutrality, bloggers rights, etc.

In any event, the list of suggested blogs by category is after the jump…

Crooks and Liars
Think Progress

24th State
A Bama Blog
Ace of Spades HQ
Alaska State Politics
Anchor Rising
Ankle Biting Pundits
Arena of Ideas
Bates Line
Bearing Drift
Bearing Drift Ohio
Bill Hobbs
Bluey Blog
Boots and Sabers
California Conservative
Claremont Conservative
Club for Growth
Elephants in the Blue Grass
Flashpoint Blog
Freedom Dogs
Frugal Hoosiers
Grassroots PA
Hot Air
Hugh Hewitt (Townhall)
Human Events
Katy’s Conservative Corner
Keeler Political Report
Little Green Footballs
Make Blue Red
Mason Conservative
Michelle Malkin
Michigan Conservative Dossier
Montana Headlines
Mount Virtus
NC Republican Roundtable
NW Republican
Okie Campaigns
On Life and Lybberty
Oregon Commentator
Patrick Ruffini
Power Line Blog
Red Jersey
Red Mass Group
Red State
Residual Forces
Riehl World View
Right Angle Blog
Right Michigan
Right Wing News
Save the GOP
Say Anything Blog
Shaun Kenney
Stay Red Kansas
The American Mind
The American Scene
The Corner
The Right Track
The Volokh Conspiracy
ThinkRight Arizona Blog
Urban Elephants
Victory Caucus
Virginia Virtucon
Voluntarily Conservative
Weapons of Mass Discussion
Western Word
Wizbang Blog

Delaware Politics
The Fix – Washington Post

Bizzy Blog
Granite Grok
Hedgehog Report
KY Progress
Lincoln Walks At Midnight
Mario Burgos
Media Lizzy
Pajamas Media
Peach Pundit
Sound Politics
Tennessee Politics Blog
The Capitol Fax blog
Y’All Politics

And scene…

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