Seriously. The “facts” in this ad are completely wrong at best and outright lies at worst.

Yes, he’s using the whole “celebrity” theme again…as if McCain hasn’t been featured on numerous magazine covers. Seriously John, you need to quit pulling the jealous schoolgirl act. It’s wearing thin.

But getting to the real point of the ad…that Obama would raise taxes on people making $42,000…where is McCain getting that number? And taxing small business and seniors? In what ways?

Obama has said time and time again that he would give families who made under $250,000 tax breaks and raise taxes for those who make over that amount. There has been no hesitation in that policy.

In fact, when comparing their two tax plans, here’s what a nonpartisan study found…

The rich would pay more under Barack Obama’s tax plan, and the poor and middle-class would pay less, a nonpartisan analysis finds. Under John McCain’s plan, the rich would pay much less than they do now, the poor and middle-class would pay a bit less, and the federal deficit would grow, the study found. […]

The 95 percent-plus of the American population that earns less than $250,000 would see the following tax breaks: A $500-per-worker tax credit for people who earn less than $150,000 and do not itemize, and a $4,000 credit per child in college. Seniors who earn less than $50,000 would pay no income tax. […]

McCain would make permanent most of the tax cuts President Bush has already enacted, including those that benefit the middle class, such as elimination of the marriage penalty and the increase in child credits. He would also keep cuts that benefit the wealthy, such as the elimination of the highest tax brackets. Obama would keep the breaks for the middle class but not the ones for the wealthy.

It’s unfortunate to see that McCain is turning into the kind of politician who’ll do or say anything to become President. I genuinely didn’t expect this type of campaigning from him.

MSNBC calls the claims in this latest ad “dubious.”

That’s a nice way of saying they’re lies.

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