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Gallup: Obama Up By 5


Obama gains 2 from yesterday to retake a sizable lead when compared to polling during the rest of the campaign. Meanwhile, McCain is still having trouble breaking the 44% barrier…a number he hasn’t climbed above since June 24th.

And on the Georgia/Russia conflict, Gallup agrees with my assessment that it’ll have not negligible effect…

The dramatic news of the sudden war which erupted in the Republic of Georgia has certainly been prominently displayed in newspapers, on television, and on Internet news sites, but the probability that these events will significantly change the U.S. presidential race is most likely low.

Actually, I think I’m going to revise my opinion about it effecting public sentiment. If McCain goes too hawkish on the Georgia issue, and he’s very close to doing just that, I think it’ll turn off a lot of voters because it’ll seem like he’s obsessed with war as opposed to fixing the domestic issues state side.

More tomorrow…