You can find them here.

I’m not going to have time to wade through all of them, but Ambinder has taken a look and shares some of what’s contained within this treasure trove…

** The battle for strategic supremacy and chaos in the campaign

** Mark Penn and the rest of the staff debating gender, politics, Obama’s significance, timing, the media’s bias and more.

** Leaking and leaker hunts;

** Penn’s view of humanizing candidates and the billionaire who convinced him that being human is overrated; and why Clinton was like Margaret Thatcher;

** A key Clinton insider who just about had it with the rest of the campaign.

** Strategy memos about caucuses and delegates that were not heeded;

I can’t remember the last time there’s ever been such a wide open inside glance into a failed primary campaign, so if you’re a student of political history you’ll definitely want to dive in.

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