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McCain's Latest Web Ad Slapped For Copyright Violation


They used a clip of the legendary Saturday Night Live characters Wayne and Garth shouting their catch phrase “We’re not worthy!” and Mike Myers apparently didn’t like that…

McCain’s camp spins it as such…

Obama’s celebrity friends are bringing their considerable resources to bear in this election, hosting fundraisers at their estates in Geneva, offering advice on Middle East policy, and now threatening this campaign with legal action over our latest ad, “Fan Club.”

The ad features kids talking about how “dreamy” Senator Obama is, how he brought a crowd to Taco Bell despite inclement weather, and how he is no less of an international superstar than U2 frontman Bono. Unfortunately, the final clip of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey doing their ‘we’re not worthy’ bit from Wayne’s World has spurred a celebrity backlash. Myers had his people call the campaign to demand that the video be removed from YouTube for copyright violation. Apparently, we are not, in fact, worthy.

So wait a second…first McCain’s camp uses an unauthorized clip of those “celebrities” doing that thing that makes them celebrities because it helps the spot, and then they question Myers’ because he didn’t want the characters he created used to help bash Obama?

It seems to me that if you don’t want to run afoul of copyright law, you don’t use copyrighted material in your campaign commercial without getting the appropriate legal permissions.

Moving on…