Remember this from 1993?

The campaign was funded by the Health Insurance Association of America and it helped scuttled any reform measures that Bill Clinton wanted to push through. But we can’t blame it all on Harry and Louise. Hillary Clinton’s poor handling of the situation also played a major role. By not inviting members of her own party to join the drafting of the legislation, the former first lady made a fatal mistake and lost the support of key moderate Dems who may have supported the measures.

Fast forward 15 years later and the health care solution proposed by the Dems leverages government subsidies for private coverage. In other words, it’s not a single payer, government run system. However, there’s not doubt that similar attacks about price and choice will still be on the table.

So what will Harry and Louise say this time? Well, if the political affiliations of the backers of the new ad campaign are any indication…perhaps some needed compromise. Because they seem to be coming from non-partisan sources that favor real healthcare reform.

Families USA and National Federation of Independent Business are two of the sponsors, and both boast very diverse Board of Directors, including folks from the health insurance industry, labor unions and numerous independent business organizations.

It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

I’ll have more when the ad is launched.

Politics Harry And Louise Are Coming Back