1. Who’s NOT Going to be VEEP:
Mark Warner (VA)
Hillary Clinton (NY)
Janet Napolitano (AZ)
Kathleen Sebelius (KS)
Ted Strickland (OH)
Bob Casey Jr (PA)
Brian Schweitzer (MN)
Ed Rendell (PA)
Federico Peña (CO)
Deval Patrick (MA)
Claire McCaskill (MS)

These are the confirmed speakers (who’ve been previously mentioned in the veepstakes) for Monday and Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention. Since the vice presidential nominee is slated to speak on Wednesday, it’s not likely any of these people will have a double speaking slot both days.

Some also say it’s unlikely that Virginia’s Tim Kaine will get the spot either, since Mark Warner (another Virginian) is going to co-host the keynote speech with Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. It’s technically possible to have a keynote speaker and a VEEP from the same state, but it’s highly unlikely.

Scheduled to speak on the Wednesday Veep night so far are: Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, Harry Reid, Jay Rockefeller and Ken Salazar. Does that mean Bayh or Biden could be it?

2. Kaine’s feeling glum. Recently Kaine was quoted as saying, “I haven’t spent that much time thinking about it because I didn’t think, and still don’t think, it’s that likely that I’m going to get a phone call,” he says. “I’ve always thought it was kind of a long shot, or not all that likely, but it’s out of my control, so I’ll just focus on the things I can control, which is helping in Virginia.” And according to The Washington Post, a Tim Kaine associate said Tuesday night that “the governor had seemed glum, and believed that he would ‘get the silver medal’ in the vice presidential sweepstakes.” Since Obama made national security the theme of his Veep speech, it’s further unlikely that he’d pick a guy like Kaine, whose experience is limited.

3. Tom Daschle sounds equally down. On Tuesday, he told reporters at The Hill, “I really don’t expect to be asked and I haven’t weighed in on it.” He adds that he’s “tried to keep at an honest length” from Obama’s decision making process. “The two biggest things he has to decide are, one, who would make a good president if needed, and second, among those qualified, who does he have the best chemistry with that would allow a good team effort and who would he feel most comfortable delegating responsibility to? Those are far and away the most important factors.”

4. Evan Bayh is scheduled for another high-profile interview! This week on CBS “Face the Nation,” Bayh will square off against Tim Pawlenty in what some say is “final tryouts for the vice presidency.” If Bayh steps up his game and appears strong this weekend, it might be the final go-ahead Obama’s looking for.

5. However, not everyone is cool with Evan Bayh. Personally, I think Bayh is the most likely pick. There. I’ve said it. He’s a pretty safe bet with no real baggage and he’s just hawkish enough to take on the McCain camp, carefully balancing out Obama’s soaring idealism. Yet there’s a group of discontent Liberals who are sulking about Evan’s adamant initial support of the War in Iraq. In fact, there’s a Facebook Group called “100,000 Strong Against Evan Bayh” that is looking to “send a message to the Obama campaign that Evan Bayh is not the right choice for Vice President” and has attracted support from bloggers like Spencer Ackerman, Steve Clemons,Taylr Marsh, Mike Lux and Ari Melber.

6. Bill Richardson stumped for Obama in South Florida this past weekend, although he’s also been holding fundraisers for Hillary Clinton so we shouldn’t dwell too deeply on this. He’s just keeping his foot in the door for some sort of admin role, I’m sure.

7. The theme for the vice presidential nominee’s speech Wednesday night is “Securing America’s Future” and will be themed around national security. Coincidentally enough, that theme is also the name of Wesley Clark’s PAC! Clark laughed hysterically and called it an “interesting coincidence,” but one thing is for sure: Obama’s VEEP will have a penchant for foreign affairs and security issues.

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