Obama’s VP has been chosen! The announcement is expected to come to our cell phones and inboxes sometime over the next few days. Most rumors, spearheaded largely by The New York Times, are circulating that Wednesday morning may be the time we receive our announcement, but Fox News is reporting Thursday or Friday. So where will Obama be traveling over the next few days? Today he’ll be in Orlando Florida at a VFW Post… tomorrow morning he’ll be in Southern Virginia (Tim Kaine?)… and tomorrow night he’ll spend the night in Richmond… which leaves Thursday wide-open to appear with the new VEEP. Although, Obama has assured us there won’t be a messy press conference — but rather he’ll be taking the new VP to the convention and preparing to begin a joint swing state tour. The Obama Camp reports that the 3 favorites in the final days were: Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and Tim Kaine.

The latest scuttlebutt for McCain’s VEEP, according to Politico, The New York Times and Fox News, is that the announcement will be made on AUGUST 29th... which happens to be McCain’s birthday and the day after Obama’s acceptance speech. McCain is busy organizing a rally of at least 10,000 supporters in Dayton, Ohio to steal Obama’s thunder. Rallies are also being scheduled in Michigan and Pennsylvania for that day. A few possible VP choices do come from those swing states — Rob Portman (OH), Tom Ridge (PA) and Mitt Romney (MI), although the McCain camp says he’s not limited to those. Tim Pawlenty (MN) is also said to be on the very shortlist.

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