At this point, I’d be surprised if Barack Obama selects anyone other than Joe Biden as his running mate. If there was any doubt in Obama’s mind about the need for significant foreign policy experience on the ticket, the crisis between Russia and Georgia should have erased those doubts.

Not only is Joe Biden one of the Democratic party’s most experienced hands at foreign policy, he has been on the forefront of recent diplomatic efforts, traveling to Georgia this weekend at the behest of the Georgian president.

Now, Obama is pledging support for Biden’s call to provide an additional $1 billion in reconstruction assistance to Georgia. Is Obama strategically aligning himself with Biden in preparation of naming the Delaware senator as his running mate?

I think so.

Biden is Obama’s Dick Cheney. Biden is from a low-electoral vote state that is almost certain to vote for Obama anyway, but his gravitas and knowledge are essential to making Obama palatable to those who worry about his inexperience. The recent events in Georgia only accentuate the importance of electing a president who can make wise and expedient decisions on an international level. Biden shores Obama up in his weakest area. He makes the most logical choice.

Politics Georgian Crisis Makes Biden Most Likely VP Choice