McCain – 50%
Obama – 40%

That’s a jump of 7 points since last month. And as anybody who follows polls knows, if you hit the 50% mark or drop below 40%, that’s a big deal.

The details…

The key to McCain’s rise is nearly doubling his lead among white voters. He now has a 56-35 advantage with them, up from 50-39 in July. Obama is still dominating among black voters but it’s nearly impossible for him to win in Missouri without keeping his deficit with whites in single digits.

As he is in many states McCain is doing a better job of keeping voters in his party with him than Obama is. He is up 87-9 among Republicans while Obama has a smaller 78-15 lead with Democrats.

As I’ve reported earlier, Obama is setting up a big time ground game in Missouri, but maybe he should give up and focus on states with closer contests like Colorado and Nevada?

More as it develops…

Politics Public Policy Polling: McCain Leads By 10 In Missouri