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Gallup: Obama Leads By 1


Sorry folks. I looked at the wrong numbers yesterday and reported that Obama was leading by 3. He was actually leading by 2. And today McCain gains a point, thus cutting Obama’s lead by 1.

The details…

Obama had enjoyed a slightly larger three-point average margin over McCain from the time Obama clinched the Democratic nomination in early June through the Aug. 11-13 tracking results. Over this time period, Obama’s mean level of support was 46% compared with 43% for McCain.

As a result, the candidates are poised to enter an unusually intense period of high-profile campaign events, with both candidates’ vice presidential candidate announcements and both parties’ national conventions taking place over the next two weeks. These events have brought shifts in voter preferences in the past when they occurred, but usually were separated by several days or weeks. It is unclear if their impact will be as great this year since they will occur in such a compressed window of time.

More tomorrow…