Obama focuses on McCain’s housing gaffe to highlight that he’s out of touch with Americans…

McCain continues to try and sell the idea that Obama’s a celebrity who will raise everybody’s taxes…

Who wins?

Well, remember John Kerry’s “I voted for it before I voted against it” moment? Sure you do. It painted him as the beltway insider who was wishy-washy about the Iraq war. And that, along with the swiftboating, was enough to send Kerry packing. I think it’s clear that Obama thinks that this could be McCain’s moment with regards to the economy, and he’s hitting him hard on it. And while I agree with Alan’s basic premise that being rich doesn’t mean somebody is out of touch, not knowing how many houses you own does send a signal to Americans that you may not understand what they’re going through to hold onto their ONE house.

On the other hand, McCain continues to use the “celebrity” meme to push the lie that Obama will raise taxes on most Americans. Now, this blog and nearly every single news organization has thoroughly debunked that notion. Still, McCain’s camp doesn’t seem to have a problem with flat out lying to people, so that is what it is. Also, McCain’s camp tries to paint Obama as a rich celebrity, and I think that’s going to bite them in the ass given that McCain is worth about 30 times what Obama is and has been a political celebrity for much longer as well.

But is the ad effective? Possibly. But I think McCain’s less substantive ads that compared Obama with celebrities that Americans hate (Paris Hilton, Britney Spears) were effective simply because they were lacking substance. Once McCain starts getting into areas where he tries to tie the economy back to the celebrity thing, this campaign starts to get muddy.

In the end, both ads lack the type of substance we deserve, and I wish we’d see better from both candidates. But McCain would do well to stop lying to voters because it’ll burn him later on.

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