This is the big news on Drudge and elsewhere.

Apparently, a well known reported from Kansas City has “uncovered” a bumper sticker being printed with Evan Bayh’s name on it. Gill Studios, a company that has done work with Obama’s campaign in the past, refused to answer any questions about the bumper sticker.

Gee, I wonder if this could be a publicity stunt…hmmm…

Personally, I have BIG doubts this was created by the Obama camp. Because so far their graphic design has been absolutely top notch throughout this campaign season, and this piece is anything but. Ambinder concurs.

In fact, let’s look at a current Obama bumper sticker that is selling on his website…

Note how NOTHING matches. The font on the official sticker is extremely polished, and the ’08 is the same font. That doesn’t seem to be the case with this one from Kansas City.

Also, with a campaign as tech savvy as Obama’s, do you really think he’s going to leave his website off of it? Go to his website and see for yourself. Everything that just has his name alone on it has his website on it too.

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