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The Pluses and Minuses Of Joe Biden

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Ambinder lays them out…


I gather that Obama realizes that he needed a pick that would demonstrate some level of intellectual seriousness about the condition of the world. One of his sons heads for Iraq soon. Obama knows that, for Biden, getting Iraq right is much more than just about proving a point.

Biden is also a fighter on domestic policy. He touts as one of his greatest legislative accomplishments 1994’s Violence Against Women Act.


The criticism will focus on Biden’s 1987 plagiarism bout, his support of credit card companies (he pushed the bankruptcy bill that Dems now hate), his comments about Obama, his racial obliviousness (the comment about Indian-Americans in 7/11).

In a normal year, this stuff would have disqualified him instantly.

By the way, here’s Biden’s incredibly insensitive remark about Indian-Americans…

Yes, ouch. But there it is. The campaign will have to answer this (although some didn’t see it as a big deal) and all the other questions about Biden if he’s the VP nominee, which it appears at this hour he is.