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Florida And Michigan Delegates Get Full Voting Rights


All’s well that ends well…

The actions, taken during a meeting at the host city’s Colorado Convention Center, put a final touch to a long-running and bruising dispute over the decisions by officials in both states to hold their presidential primaries in January, in violation of Democratic National Committee (DNC) scheduling rules. The DNC initially barred all of Michigan’s and Florida’s delegates from the convention, then in late May allowed all of the state’s delegates to attend, but with a half-vote apiece.

California Rep. Barbara Lee , a member of the Credentials Committee noted that she and many others agreed with Obama’s support for the resolution to help unify the party.

“I think this is a very fair and just resolve, and I’m very pleased and excited that Florida and Michigan will be seated with full voting rights,” Lee said.

Delegates such as Mark Miller from Kalamazoo, Mich., agreed the decision was necessary so as not to “demoralize” delegates and other representatives from his home state.

“Symbolically, the restoration of the full vote does mean a lot to people,” Mark Bubriski, Obama’s Florida Communications Director said prior to the expected vote outcome. “It enables Democrats to put that behind us and move on to what’s most important, which is electing a Democratic president.”

Now then, let’s get some primary reforms in place so next time there aren’t messes like this, agreed?