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McCain Goes After Hillary Voters With Latest Ad


Are you a Hillary supporter who’s furious that Obama picked an old white guy for his Veep instead of the former First Lady?

Then this ad is for you…

On one hand it can be seen as a shrewd move aimed at the independent female voter or “security moms” who considered Hillary to be their own person candidate for “change.”

But on the other it begs the question, “Yeah…and?”

It’s not like a Hillary candidacy would have ever been possible in current Republican party. In fact, the reality that Hillary won millions of votes is a testament to how progressive the Democratic party is when it comes to gender. And had Hillary and her team planned better and actually considered that the contest could go on after Super Tuesday, she’d probably be the nominee.

Still, there is one thing that McCain could do with his Veep pick this Friday to secure a sizable enough block of the pro-Hillary crowd, and maybe this ad is a hint at that?

More as it develops…