heard a rumor that WB (that’s Warner Bros) is interested in casting the legendary One-named singer as the Catwoman for Batman III the movie. They have a Poll asking the good nerds of comicbooksville (me) what we think of Cher being cast.

They’re not saying it’s true, they’re just saying that’s what they heard. I mean, that’s about as crazy as Johnny Depp buying the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle…um! Oh and speaking of which, there’s another rumor that Mr. Depp is being tapped to play the Riddler in Batman III.

Batman is of course the big bank comicbook movie blockbuster that…well, you know what I’m talking about. Look, the fact is, there’s no way they want Cher to play the Cat. My guess is this is just another of those clever diversions devised by director Christopher Nolan. You know, keep people guessing??? Do not take the bait! But hey, stranger things have happened. I mean, you do remember the movie DareDevil right?

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