TK Webb & The Visions are scheduled to release their debut CD titled ANCESTOR (Kemado Records) on September 2nd. I got an advance copy to check out.

This is the second work with TK Webb I’ve heard and this one is definitely harder edged than his solo work. My favorite tracks include: **3). God Bless The Little Angels 4). Closed Caption Slang 6). Shame 7) Hope You All Are Gone.** There may be a song or two to check out on their myspace page:

On God Bless The Little Angels there’s this great intro with an organ and a guitar that lets your mind drift towards tranquility. All things tranquil are suddenly replaced by ferocious loud band sounds. Then the track really takes off. With hints of early Jane’s Addiction and even a touch of the classic “life’s been good” by Joe Walsh, TK Webb & The Visions have found a way to wake up the Rock Genre. I played this track over several times.

Patience & Fortitude would have made my top 5 on the vocals alone. With its Neil Young influences, I’d say it will stand the test of time. The actual CD includes all track lyrics like this catchy line from Closed Caption Slang:

…but for the confused it stands to reason to wander off alone and hold your own hand upon back lit rock…

Ancestor is an edgy rock CD and it’s cool as hell!

TK WEBB & THE VISIONS will be playing at Seattle on Thursday
September 4th at El Corazon as part of a
tour with Witchcraft from Orebro, Sweden.
will also be on the bill.

For more information about the show go to:

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