Harvey Milk and Myspace. I’ve taken an interest in the band Harvey Milk. Mainly because they’re amazing. So today when I checked out my myspace news feed, I found their latest blog about myspace.

Too bad about the music…

myspace has decided that almost every song that we try to upload is a copyright infringement and has threatened to cancel our account if we continue to upload songs that fit this description.

at no point did we ever try to upload songs that were not ours so this is complete and total bullshit.

we decided that keeping in touch with eall of you through this site is more important than a couple of songs (that myspace rips to shreds anyway) and have decided to leave you with “war” unless and until myspace gets their shit together.

I just want Harvey Milk to know that if I were the owner of Myspace, I’d let them post any song they wanted! I do work at culturemob and you can find past and present gigs of Harvey Milk here: http://culturemob.com/artists/247385

The Harvey Milk Myspace Page:

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