Will it Romney? Pawlenty?? Or even…Lieberman???

My guess is it’ll be Romney, but here’s some good reasoning why it may not be the well-heeled former Governor…

Mr. Romney remained the most talked-about possibility on Wednesday among Republican Party officials and on cable television, not least because of the theory that he would help Mr. McCain win Michigan, a crucial state in this election and where Mr. Romney’s father served as governor.

But Mr. Pawlenty gained some currency as the day wore on because of what were perceived as Mr. Romney’s downsides, particularly his wealth as many Americans face financial struggles and his past as a venture capital manager. Mr. McCain came under attack from Democrats on this front after he was unable to say in an interview last week how many houses he owns.

If Romney screams anything, it’s elitist, and that could turn the tide in Pawlenty’s favor.

And no, I don’t think it’s going to be Lieberman. A significant portion of the Republican’s evangelical base would immediately go AWOL from the election given Lieberman’s pro-choice stance. It just won’t work. Now, I do see Lieberman as a possible Cabinet member in a McCain administration, but he won’t be the Veep.

Still, does McCain have a surprise up his sleeve? Would he be so bold as to pick Meg Whitman or Sarah Palin? Again, I doubt it, but that would be a big move and I bet disgruntled Hillary voters would take note.

More as it develops…

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