First there’s this from

Overheard: Pawlenty, Romney or Lieberman. Noon on Friday.

Then, there’s this from Stephen Bainbridge:

There’s a rumor floating around my little corner of the vast right-wing conspiracy that John McCain has cut his VP candidates down to Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and FedEx CEO Fred Smith. Boy would the latter be an out of the box choice.

There’s also a rumor about Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who will probably turn out to be the Chet Edwards of this version of Veepstakes.

And Jonathan Martin reports that Joe Lieberman’s supporters are strongly denying a report by Bob Novak that Lieberman warned McCain against picking him:

A report out today that Joe Lieberman warned John McCain against selecting him to be on the GOP ticket is “totally and absolutely false,” according to a Lieberman source who contacted Politico.

Columnist Robert Novak wrote that the prospect of Lieberman on the ticket is real, but that McCain and some his top backers know it would be politically unrealistic.

“And this has been made clear to McCain by none other than Joe Lieberman himself,” writes Novak.

Not so, says a Lieberman source, stating categorically that the Connecticut senator has not contacted his Arizona colleague to say any such thing.

As I’ve reported, Lieberman is very much being considered by McCain. And it’s an indication of how much backers of the independent-turned-Democrat want the No. 2 slot that they would push back so hard against Novak’s report.

Maybe this Lieberman thing isn’t the pundit’s fantasy that I thought it was.

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