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John McCain's Convention Night Message To Barack Obama


Here’s the ad that John McCain will run tonight as Barack Obama accepts the Democratic Party’s Presidential Nomination:

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I wrote about this earlier today — something confrontational, something to steal the thunder away from Obama, a clue that would point toward’s McCain’s choice of a running mate — but, given the tone the campaign has been taking lately, this certainly wasn’t it.

I think this is a good move on McCain’s part mostly because the ad itself is impossible to criticize. He’s congratulating Obama for an historic achievement; one that will, no doubt, be remembered no matter who wins the the election in November.

One also gets the sense that McCain realizes that, because of that history, this election isn’t really about him at all. He may still win, but this election will always be remembered as the first time that an African American, the son of an immigrant from the continent of Africa and a white woman no less, became one of the two men who, in 146 days will be the 44th President of the United States. There’s really no way to deny the meaning behind that simple fact, so it’s too McCain’s advantage to be as magnanimous as possible.

Smart move.

I’d also wager, given the tone of this ad, that, contrary to earlier reports, there will be no announcement of McCain’s VP pick tonight, either before or after Obama’s speech.

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