This comes via Marc Ambinder, and it seems to confirm that Tim Pawlenty will not be the Republican nominee for Vice-President:

Just now, he spoke to CBS affiliate WCCO in Minneapolis and said that he would be picking up his regular schedule today and that it would be safe to assume he wasn’t the pick…..

That would appear to be the end of that.

Confirmation from The Politico:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty said this morning that he will he not be in Dayton, Ohio, today and strongly suggested that he won’t be John McCain’s running mate.

“I’m going to be at the [Minnesota] state fair,” Pawlenty said on WCCO just minutes ago.

“I will not be in Dayton, Ohio, so I think that’s a fair assumption,” he added in an interview with the Twin Cities radio station, when asked if this was an indication that he would not be chosen.

He added: “It was an honor to be considered.”

So it’s not Pawlenty. I still say Romney, but Marc Ambinder notes note that a Gulfstream flew from Anchorage, Alaska to Dayton last night.

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