The Republican Party didn’t make room for Ron Paul at the convention in St. Paul, so Paul and his supporters are making room across the river in Minneapolis. That’s right, it’s time for Ronstock ‘08 (although I think Paulapalooza would be a better name), complete with tents and people who don’t need drugs to act weird.

All across the nation, Paul supporters are loading up in Ronvoys and making the trip to what officially seems to be named Rally for the Republic where Paul and others will speak to a crowd of true-believers expected to number around 10,000 or more. No word what the speakers will actually discuss, but I’m sure it’ll involve the usual riveting topic of monetary policy.

This all sounds fairly organized and respectful for the Paulites. I was hoping they’d make a covert effort to invade the convention hall and start a ruckus. I guess they decided a legitimate event would provide their cause more coverage.

But will the media actually cover Ronstock ’08 or any other Paulite activities? Unlikely. But they can probably bank on The Daily Show sending a correspondent.

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