Does Sarah Palin have an affiliation with the Alaska Independence Party? Some AIP members say she does, but the McCain campaign says she has never been a part of that group. Right now, there appears to be little proof of her affiliation. Given that Alaska is smaller in population than most major American cities, I’d expect Palin’s path to have crossed with the group from time to time. For me to believe she’s ever shared or currently shares AIP’s secessionist views, I’ll need some concrete evidence.

Lack of such evidence will certainly not stop Barack Obama’s supporters from pushing the story. A complete lack of evidence that Obama shares the belief system of William Ayers hasn’t stopped conservatives from pushing that story. And in today’s political world of “two wrongs make a right” I don’t expect the AIP story to go away.

However, the Ayers controversy brings up an important point. Do Obama supporters really want to get into a “whose anti-American affiliations are worse” debate? After all, I don’t believe the AIP has done anything criminal unlike Mr. Ayers. And, if history is any indicator, the right is proficient at winning any debate about who’s more American. The left should be careful with this AIP story. Rumor and hearsay about Palin’s affiliations are probably not going to be enough to make the story stick in any influential way.

UPDATE: Reports now inidcate that Sarah Palin’s husband was a member of the AIP but records indicate Palin herself never was. Spouses are usually fair game in elections. We’ll see how this plays.

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