And the question is from Alan’s post: “Can the Left Make the AIP Story Stick?

On Tuesday morning the New York Times printed a front page story asserting that Sarah Palin was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party. On Tuesday evening the New York Times printed a retraction, saying their source was wrong. I guess that means that the story was insufficiently – um – What’s the word? – “V” something… Oh yeah. The story was insufficiently vetted.

Alaska Party Official Says Palin Was Not a Member
By The New York Times

The chairwoman of an Alaskan political party that advocates a vote on the state’s succession from the union said Tuesday that she had been mistaken when she said Gov. Sarah Palin was a member of the group.
A front-page story in The New York Times on Tuesday and articles in other news media reported that Ms. Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party for two years in the 1990’s.
The information in the Times article was based on a statement issued Monday night by Lynette Clark, the party’s chairwoman, who said that Ms. Palin joined the party in 1994 and in 1996 changed her registration to Republican.
On Tuesday night, Ms. Clark said that her initial statement was incorrect and had been based on erroneous information provided by another member of the party whom she declined to identify. The McCain campaign also disputed the Times report, saying that Ms. Palin had been registered consistently as a Republican.
After checking the party’s archives, Ms. Clark said that she could find no documentation that Governor Palin had been a member of the party. She said Ms. Palin attended the party’s 1994 and 2006 conventions and provided a video-taped address as governor to the 2008 convention.

For anyone keeping score:

Troopergate? – No “there” there.
Sleazy rumors that her down syndrome child was her daughters? – False.
She is a member of AIP? – New York Times Retraction.


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