Palomino is a track by Seattle band The Western Shore. Self described as Alternative Country music, This band is gritty and seasoned. They’ve been playing in the Northwest for several years, gaining an audience slowly like well cooked home meal that mom used to make. I don’t know about you all, but my momma can cook!

Their mid tempo, matter-a-fact rhythm and harmonies are a delight to listen to. The vocal harmonies between front man Charlie and vocalist/bassist Dawn is the secret ingredient that has me puzzled why we don’t see this band touring the world for everyone to hear. I’m particularly drawn to their myspace track Palomino because the lyrics are so damn awesome.

no one to talk to, no thunder to steal…

Off the track Palomino by The Western Shore

Scott Griggs and Dawn work so well together as they deliver an intense yet gentle rhythm section that beams with confidence. Jason, Diego and Patrick round out this ensemble with the guitar, sax and keyboards respectively.

I recommend you catch The Western Shore Thursday September, 11th at The Rendezvous (Jewelbox Theater) in Seattle. It’s listed as a 9pm start time.They will be joined by the and Lonesome Rhodes & The Good Company.
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They also play on the 16th of September at the Tractor Tavern (SEA)
w/ Hurricane Chasers and Michael Clarke and the Alley Walkers. Doors open at 8pm
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