“I am not denying that Sarah Palin may have great skills. She may well. I am insisting that neither you, nor I, nor John McCain has any valid reason to believe that she does. This is not an argument about the attributes she lacks. It’s an argument about the information we lack. I am pleading with my fellow conservatives: Please demand more and better knowledge before you commit yourselves to a political leader. That’s all.”
– David Frum of the National Review in a response to a reader’s email.

A trickle of Republican operatives are starting to see the writing on the wall and it’s not good. So, to make sure they save their own credibility, they’re talking openly about how unconventional it is for McCain to keep Palin from the media. They know that this is really bad form and the exact opposite of what you’d expect from a “maverick” candidate.

Folks, there’s a reason I’ve written about this a lot in the past few days. Because this situation is simply not acceptable. We need to know A LOT more about Sarah Palin before she can be entrusted to potentially lead the nation.

And say what you will about Obama, but he has been through the media gauntlet for the past 20 months. Palin should be subjected to the exact same scrutiny at least for the next 2.

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