It’s apparently +2,344,000 in 28 “purple” states, but that advantage is only true if all of those voters actually go to the polls and cast a ballot of Obama/Biden.

Still, the gap is impressive and speaks to how much the Dems want to win this thing.

From the AP:

Since the last federal election in 2006, volunteers like Graham combined with the enthusiasm generated by the Obama-Clinton struggle to add more than 2 million Democrats to voter rolls in the 28 states that register voters according to party affiliation. The Republicans have lost nearly 344,000 thousand voters in the same states.

The Democrats hope their voter registration efforts can boost Obama to victory in competitive states like Pennsylvania, Nevada and Florida and perhaps even give him a shot at winning traditional Republican states like Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

Both Obama and his Republican rival, John McCain, are fighting for independent swing voters, and many of the new Democrats had been unaffiliated voters.

The number of unaffiliated voters dropped by nearly 900,000 since 2006. Many joined the Democratic Party to take part in the primaries and caucuses, and now they will now be targeted by an aggressive get-out-the-vote campaign.

On a semi-related note I watched “Recount” last night, a great film by HBO which tells the inside story of the aftermath of the 2000 election and how everything went so sideways for the Dems. Definitely worth a look.

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