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Jewish Grandchildren for Obama


While Barack Obama has rallied many of the traditionally Democratic voting groups, he’s had some difficulty securing the Jewish vote. Now, there’s a new group trying to solve that problem: Jewish Grandchildren for Obama.

The group’s mission is to get younger, pro-Obama Jewish voters to speak with their older friends and relatives in support of Obama. The idea being: these younger voters can calm older Jewish voters’ worries about Obama’s positions on Israel and cancel out the misconceptions concerning Obama’s heritage (no, Grandma, he’s not a Muslim).

While Jewish voters make up only 3% of the electorate, that’s enough to decide a close election. As USA Today noted this summer, the Jewish vote could tip battleground states. Jewish Grandchildren for Obama is trying to make sure the tip is in the Democratic direction.

While I’m not currently backing either candidate, I always enjoy coming across these kinds of groups whose mission is not to tear down a candidate but to support a candidate through open dialogues between voters.

And no, I did not just “stumble upon” the site. A good friend of mine is the founder. But I liked the positive, intelligent tone and thought I’d bring the group to our readers’ attention. In a point in the campaign where things are getting nasty, it’s good to remember that some groups are still keeping things civil.