A couple things from today’s interview were revealing.

First, Palin didn’t really seem to know what the Bush Doctrine is.

I don’t know, maybe it was just nerves, but that was a pretty weak, “talking pointy” answer. For most anybody who follows politics, that answer would have been a gimme.

Second, she tried to excuse her lack on experience in meeting with foreign heads of state by making an incorrect assertion about other VP’s experience.

Here’s the exchange and the reality from ABC:

“Have you ever met a foreign head of state?” Gibson asked Palin Thursday.

“I have not,” Palin said, “and I think if you go back in history and if you ask that question of many vice presidents, they may have the same answer that I just gave you.”

However Palin, who obtained her first passport two years ago, would in fact be the first vice president in 32 years who hadn’t met a foreign head of state, if she were elected.

Yes, I suppose you could look at the entire history of the vice presidency and possibly prove her assertion correct, but I think we should probably stick with the past 30 years, yeah? Especially since the claim is that everything changed after 9/11, right?

Given that, if you really think that this is a dangerous world, then this interview should at least give you some pause when trusting Palin to be a heartbeat away. She’s obviously a smart person, but just being a smart person doesn’t make one qualified to deal with the complicated struggles she could face.

Say what you will about Obama’s foreign policy knowledge, but he is on the record with sage foreign policy calls about the Iraq invasion, our relationship with Pakistan, the growing threats in Afghanistan and our need to engage in diplomacy with Iran. And even then he choose Joe Biden as his VP, who equals McCain in foreign policy gravitas.

I’ll have more after the second part of her interview on Nightline tonight.

Politics Interview Gives Us A Peek Into Palin's Foreign Policy Knowledge