It’s pretty widely known that McCain is nearly computer illiterate, and that’s a troubling notion in and of itself. And with the technological challenges we’re currently facing and will be in the next 4 years, one would think that having a good grasp of receiving and sending email would be a prerequisite for being President.

However, when Obama essentially borrows the snide tone of McCain’s recent attacks, he does himself no favors with independents and fence sitting Democrats.

Here, check it out…

Or hell, maybe he does do himself favors. After all, nothing in the ad is false and McCain has apparently scored numerous points with independent voters and fence sitting Democrats by going negative.

Yes folks, maybe I don’t have my finger on the pulse anymore (or did I ever?) and this nonsense works like a charm to swing the swing voters. Maybe they’re that gullible.

If so, how unbelievably sad that would be.

Moving on…

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