It is official. Florida election officials are warming up for another election fiasco.

Palm Beach County held an election on August 26. One of the races for judge ended up extremely close, only 60 votes separated two candidates. As election officials began preparations for a recount, they found that 3,500 ballots were missing.

Rumors abounded that the ballots ended up in a landfill. Assistant County Administrator Brad Merriman, who was investigating the missing ballots, found them at the vote-tabulating center.

A somewhat proud-sounding Merriman reported, “The ballots were found in this room, not in garbage bags, not in the trunks of cars.”

Only in Florida can thousands of lost ballots be found, and the investigators feel content that all ended well because the ballots did not end up in the garbage.

But it does not end there.

After counting the ballots, election officials found an extra 134 ballots more than the original election night totals.

Maybe the Democrats had the right idea. Strip Florida of its delegates so it does not matter. Does anyone really think the Presidential election on November 4 is going to go ok?

So how did all this happen in Palm Beach County this time? Apparently, the ballots from some precincts became mixed up and the boxes misplaced. That sounds simple enough until the explanations start coming.

“I actually think this is a horrible blessing in disguise,” said canvassing board member Mary McCarty. “Because it’s giving us a chance to show where the vulnerabilities are in the system.”

A blessing?

A chance to show where the vulnerabilities are in the system?

The 2000 fiasco was eight years ago. Do they mean they do not know where the vulnerabilities are yet?

Some of the uncounted votes came from an electronic cartridge on a voting machine. The votes were counted but were never transferred to the tabulating center.

The maker of the voting machine, Sequoia Voting Systems, responded they were not to blame. “The cartridge is fine. Why it didn’t read I do not know,” said Phil Foster, the company spokesperson.

The cartridge is fine, but they do not know why it did not work.

Remember, it is a blessing. It is a chance to find the vulnerabilities.

Election officials plan on meeting next week to make the changes so this does not happen again. LOL.

Now that is funny.

Now is the time to laugh. November 4 is right around the corner.


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