Joe Biden likes to make a point on the stump that he’s not part of the jet set crowd; that he hammers out an ordinary living like the rest of us.

Well Diamond Joe wasn’t kidding.  He released his tax returns last Friday, and evidently he’s not a big believer in charity.  

The numbers are uglier than the New York Yankees season:

                    Gross Income              Charity
1998             $215,432                      $195
1999             $210,797                      $120
2000             $219,953                      $360
2001             $220,712                      $360
2002             $227,811                      $260
2003             $231,375                      $260
2004             $234,271                      $380
2005             $321,379                      $380
2006             $248,459                      $380
2007             $319,853                      $995
Total             $2,450,042                   $3,690

My math reveals that he gave approximately one-eight of one percent to charity; according to, the average American donates 3.1% of their adjusted gross income to charity, leaving Biden so far below the bell curve that he’s off the grid altogether.  Maybe Diamond Joe can borrow some cash from his lobbyist son and sprinkle it on a few charities.  

Actually, had he not released his taxes last week, I would have forgotten that he was in the election; somebody put him on a milk carton already so that we can find him.

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