With an election that’s shaping up to be tight all the way to the finish line, is it any surprise that the 527s are gearing up for action? While both John McCain and Barack Obama have previously vowed to take the highroad, it looks like we’re headed straight for the usual gutter. Currently, three groups have national ads in the works: BornAliveTruth.org and RightChange.com will be blasting Obama while liberal stalwart MoveOn.org will be going after McCain.

I guess those reports that Obama was going to start tolerating 527s were correct after all. While MoveOn.org is not permitted by law to coordinate with the Obama campaign, I can’t imagine a group that large and that connected would go ahead with ads without first getting the nod of approval from the powers that be.

As for McCain, his campaign hasn’t seen the highroad since early summer. I expect the Arizona Senator to happily look the other way as the 527s do their wet work.

I guess both candidates still have a chance to prove me wrong. And, since I haven’t seen any of these 527 ads yet, I realize I’m being rather cynical to assume the worst. So I won’t condemn either candidate yet. But let’s just say I’m not optimistic that these groups are going to promote civility and honest debate.

Politics 527s Go to Work for Both Sides