Don Shiesl, appointed by Sarah Palin to run Wasilla’s public works department in 1998, has praise for Palin. Unfortunately for Palin, it is the kind of praise that gives one pause.

“She’s a quick study. She’s a heck of a public speaker and she works her magic on people. Give her four years, with some training, and she’ll be up to snuff. She’s not dumb, she’ll be able to catch on to stuff real quick,” Shiesl said in a Washington Post interview.

Give her four years?

Just what is the country supposed to do if McCain dies in his first term? The Vice-Presidency is not meant to be an apprenticeship or on the job training. Putin, Ahmadinejad, or the financial crises are not going to wait around four years until Palin is “up to snuff.”

A few other of Palin’s Wasilla associates hold even less enthusiastic praise.

“I was happy in a way, because it is a new beginning for the country, but also I am very worried due to her lack of experience,” said Darlene Langill, who served on the city council when Palin was in office.

“My sense is that this opportunity maybe came along before she was ready for it or thought it would come along,” said Duane Dvorak, the city planner when Palin took office.

Maybe that time as Wasilla mayor was not the proper training for the Vice-Presidency.  Palin had this to say about her old job, “It’s not rocket science. It’s $6 million and 53 employees.”

Yes, but four years and she will be up to snuff.


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