Just how much of lame duck is he? Ask yourself the following: do I really care what he has to say about the economy?

Still, here’s his statement:

So yes, not much “there” there, and the fact that he didn’t take questions is a sad, but certainly not unexpected at this point.

Still, what can he really say? Especially when the “deregulation” mantra he’s pushed for the last 8 years has the appearance of creating one of the worst financial disasters in the last 100 years.

Listen, I’m sure some of your will disagree, but the true free market ideology has taken a massive hit this week, and Bush certainly hasn’t stood in the way of Paulson as he does exactly the opposite of what conservative economic philosophy espouses.

So when we turn this back to the campaign trail, I don’t see how this benefits McCain in ANY way, shape or form. Because unless Obama suddenly comes out and say something incredibly dumb about the economy, people will tie these crises to Bush and then to McCain.

In short, “Experience” loses once again.

Business Bush Talks About The Economy…Barely