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Gallup: Obama Up By 4


Gallup’s previously predicted that McCain’s lead wouldn’t change much this month, but yesterday and today’s numbers put the lie to that. Obama’s is just two points away from his post convention high, and McCain is just a few points from his lowest low.

What’s driving this? As if you even have to guess…

Separate Gallup tracking shows that consumer confidence has become significantly more negative as this week progressed, signifying that Americans are clearly paying attention to the major problems facing Wall Street and the big drops in the stock market on Monday and Wednesday.

It is not possible to determine precisely how much of Obama’s gain this week may have been directly caused by Americans’ reactions to the economic stories dominating news coverage in newspapers, television, and on the Internet, although this is a plausible explanation.

Sure, there are other issues in this campaign, but Obama owns the economy right now, and with the bloom wearing off the Palin pick, swing voters are starting to get on board with the candidate they feel can steer this economy away from the rocks.

More tomorrow…