Ok, so Joe Biden believes it’s the patriotic duty for Americans making $250,000 to pay more in taxes (btw, if Joe thinks that $250k constitutes rich in the NYC or SF metro areas, he’s nuts).  I didn’t think I’d see Obama-Biden play the “patriotism card” … but whatever.

But a quickie math/history/civics lesson for Joe, free of charge.

According to the IRS, in 1984 the top 1% of wage earners accounted for 24.5% of income tax revenues; by 2001, that number had jumped to 33.2%; and last year it reached a whopping 39%.  And I thought Bush was supposed to be pro-rich guy … hmmm.

Meanwhile, the bottom 50% of wage earners accounted for 6% of income tax revenues in 1984, but less than 3% in 2006.  It’s the first time since the inception of the income tax that it has fallen below 3%.  Not a bad a deal.

Sounds like they’ve been plenty patriotic, Joe. 


Politics Say it aint so, Joe!