The news today is amazing, and just goes to show you that when the government wants to do something drastic, they can do it no problem. So don’t tell me we can’t provide healthcare for all or pay our teachers more or fix our infrastructure. Because if we have this much financial leverage to find this much capital to save our banks, we can do the same to help our citizens.

In any event, I’m with John Cole…

I do not ever want to hear another damned word about the free market. I don’t want to hear another thing about letting the market regulate itself. I don’t want to hear about the free flow of capital. I don’t want to hear about government getting out of our lives.

None of it. From superfunds to super-bailouts, I am tired of other people getting rich being irresponsible and then being told I have to pay to clean it up. I didn’t read one punitive aspect of this new plan. Not one punishment for the people who did this.

But please, feel free to explain to me how free market economics could have prevented this and it’s really all the Democrats fault. Because that’s what McCain is essentially saying.

More on the bailout plan here.

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