Todd Palin and a few of his wife’s staffers failed to appear recently, even though they were subpoenaed. Still, the prosecutor Stephen Branchflower says the investigation will be finished soon.

But will it be of any value if nobody involved testifies?

More from MSNBC:

Todd Palin’s attorney sent French a letter Thursday listing Palin’s objections to the Legislature’s investigation of his wife. Among them, the attorney said, were jurisdiction questions, separation of power issues and an inconvenient travel schedule.

Subpoenas were approved on seven other government employees, but not served because the state attorney general’s office had agreed to cooperate, French said. But Attorney General Talis Colberg earlier this week reversed himself, saying the governor declined to participate and that Palin administration employees would not appear.

French said subpoenas will be issued for those seven people, ordering them to testify on Sept. 26.

Witnesses who refuse to testify can be found in contempt under Alaska law. But the full Legislature must be in session, which won’t happen until January. That means witnesses can stonewall without penalty beyond the Nov. 4 election, lawmakers said.

One of them, Sen. Gene Therriault, opposed the subpoenas. He said Friday the investigation was intended to uncover whether the governor was justified in firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, and he believes she was.

A few questions…

First, does anybody think Sarah and Todd and her staff would have refused to testify had she not been selected as McCain’s VP?

Second, is it disingenuous to continue to characterize this investigation as a partisan witch hunt when bi-partisan panels voted to open the investigation in the first place and and then a completely separate bi-partisan panel voted to issue the subpoenas?

Hardball has more on the case…

More as it develops…

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